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Alibaba to open cloud-computing data center in Silicon Valley » More


Fraud Comes to Apple Pay » More


Gemalto, Tapit use NFC platform to simplify mobile payments » More


Israeli Startup Can Turn Your Smartphone Camera Into a Star Trek Tricorder » Here

Making Sense Of MMT, The New Swiss Horological Smartwatch Platform » More

Microsoft and Deutsche Telekom team up on Lumia push for Europe » Here

NYPD buying nationwide car surveillance database for about half a million bucks » Here

Samsung’s Latest Acquisition: Utah-Based Yesco Electronics » More


Sony Xperia Z4 tablet: As close as it gets to an iPad on Android » Here


Why the new Moto E is the most important Android phone this year » More





Apple, Android users can be targeted with FREAK vulnerability, researchers say » Here

Apple, Samsung prep for another patent fight on smartphone features » More

BlackBerry to Launch Four New Devices in 2015 » Here


IBM powers up Watson with AlchemyAPI acquisition » Here


Nvidia Unveils Home Console for Videogames and Movies » More


Oculus VR hires Google X exec Mary Lou Jepsen » More


SanDisk launches Infiniflash, aims to bring flash array costs down » Here


The Best Way to Back Up Your Computer » More


Valve launches $50 Steam Link, says Steam Machines coming in November » Here

Virgin Atlantic pilots Sony smartglasses and smartwatches for engineers » Here






Box, Cisco, AirWatch, Workday, Xamarin launch enterprise app standards group » Here

Cutting the Cord: Networks tune into TV Everywhere » Here


Freescale, Cisco, Ciena Give Nod to FD-SOI » More


HP lands network virtualization deal with Telefonica » More


IBM, Semtech 30-Mile IoT Uses 10-Year AAs » More


Intellectual Ventures steps into auto industry, signs licensing agreement with Ford » Here

Is LG's WebOS-based wearable software more than a wacky experiment? » More

On Yahoo's 20th anniversary CEO Mayer counts her achievements » Here

Verizon brings small cells indoors using these cute little dots » Here


Windows Server 2016 leaks reveal Nano Server, protected VM role plans » Here






AVG unveils invisibility glasses to defend against facial recognition » More

Blackphone Announces New Privacy-Oriented Phone and Tablet » More


Broadcom Debuts Multi-Codec 4K Chips » Here


Google Plans to Be a Wireless Carrier, but at Small Scale » Here


Hands-On With the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge » More


HTC Unveils a New Phone and Wearable Device » Here


Next IBM MobileFirst for iOS Apps Unveiled » Here


Nokia’s Shift From Devices To Enabling Connectivity is Complete, Almost—Mobile World » More

Qualcomm Announces Next Generation Biometrics Solution » More


Silent Circle Details New Secure Devices—Mobile World » Here






Amazon's Twitch Site Bets on Poker » More


Ericsson joins the queue to sue Apple for patent infringement » More


IBM Outlines Plan to Revamp Business for Investors » Here


Lawmakers Seek Information on Funding for Climate Change Critics » More

Magic Leap » Here


Net Neutrality: What Happened? What’s Different Now? » More


NXP, Freescale Plan Mega Merger » Here


Opportunities and Challenges In China’s Fragmented Android Market » More

Pentagon Shops in Silicon Valley for Game Changers » Here


Samsung Phones Pack 14nm SoC (Envisioneering Partial Quotes) » More






5G Horizon Seen at ISSCC » Here


Battles loom over tough new neutrality rules » More


Food Waste Is Becoming Serious Economic and Environmental Issue, Report Says » More

Google's DeepMind artificial intelligence aces Atari gaming challenge » Here

India's TechM hooks up with IBM for a hybrid cloud platform » Here


Japan focuses self-driving car technology » More


Lenovo website DNS record hijacked » Here


Pebble Launches New Color-Display Smartwatch, Says It’s ‘Gearing Up for Battle’ With Apple » Here

The future of health care is a dongle attached to your smartphone » More


Toshiba launches improved mobile 8-megapixel CMOS image sensor » More






5 Trends to Watch at Mobile World Congress » More


Apple Told by Jury to Pay $532.9 Million in Patent Trial » More


Bridj, a start-up using big data to improve bus transit, set to launch in Washington, D.C. » Here

Gemalto: NSA and GCHQ probably did hack us, but there was no massive leak of encryption keys » More

Google Goes After Explicit Material on Blogger » Here


Google Plans New Headquarters, and a City Fears Being Overrun » Here


Hillary Clinton to tech: Inclusivity is must have » More


It's official: NSA spying is hurting the US tech economy » More


Mysteries of Sleep Lie Unsolved » Here


Samsung Gear VR: Virtual reality is becoming reality » Here






1 in 3 Europeans Lie On Signup Information, Symantec Says » More


Bill Gates and Other Business Leaders Urge U.S. to Increase Energy Research » Here

Deutsche Bank signs multi-billion-dollar IT deal with HP » More


Developer gets Android Wear to work with the iPhone » Here


Flexus goes from startup to $1.3B acquisition at light speed in biotech boom » Here

Google plots path to bring Inbox to Google Apps for Work » Here


IBM and ARM kit aims to make it simpler to build your first IoT device » More

Innovation at core for IBM, GlobalFoundries » More


STMicroelectronics Introduces Digital UV Sensor for Mobile, Wearable, and IoT Applications » More

The new BYO push: build your own software » Here






Hackers Ate My Homework
Hackers Ate My Homework
In a post Snowden era, at a time where a multi-national company (such as Sony) seems to have not heeded prior hacker warnings and attacks, will there be any limit to the temptation for individuals, studio execs, Government elders and insurance provider to yell "Hackers did it!" whenever they mess up?
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