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The Chinese Herbal Therapy CentreA Top Hospital Opens Up to Chinese Herbs as Medicines » More


Coverage for the Entire Bay AreaDish Network Is Partnering With This Startup To Make Cellphone Internet 1,000 Times Faster Than 4G » More

The North Face IBM's Watson Unit Invests in Fluid, Eyes Personal Shopping Applications » Here

Bionics to Track Your HealthImplants as Thin as Tattoos and Devices That Dissolve in the Body » More

The G WatchLG's Next Smartwatch Will Include a Screen That Never Turns Off » Here

A Feedback Loop Between Dry Soils and Trapped Air Mega-Heatwaves Mechanism Pinpointed » More


A Combination of Genetic Manipulation and Pulses of LightMind Control in a Flash of Light » Here


Brain-Like Neuromorphic SystemsNeuromorphic Roadmap Plots Analog Path » More


The Creation of a “Frugal Science”Science Tools Anyone Can Afford » More


Restriction Is CounterproductiveThe Lure of Forbidden Food » Here





Apple Works Hard to See the Big Picture on Materials and Energy Sustainability!Apple - Environmental Responsability » Here


Just How Much IBM Is Really Not GrowingEven the Analysts are 'Confused' by IBM » More


Most of Us Will Wear a Fit Sensor in the FutureFitness Wearables Lack Accuracy » Here


Delivering Internet Connectivity to Remote RegionsGoogle Has Plans For Titan Drones » More


Medtronic, Edwards Lifesciences in Patent Dispute Over Heart Valve Heart Patients Caught in Middle of Patent Dispute » More


The Platform for Even Newer Wireless InventionsHere’s How Washington Is Preparing for a Future of Wireless Everything » Here

The Modification of Over 700 Genes in One Week Without Sleep Here's a Surprising Look at What Sleep Deprivation Does to Your Body » More

The Census Bureau's Statistical Changes Are Worse Than We Thought None Dare Blame ObamaCare » More


Power From SalivaSave Your Spit for Fuel » Here


The $25 Kinsa Smart ThermometerSay "Ah" for Temperature-Taking Tech » Here


Russian Authorities Have No Legal Right to Gather Private Data on UkrainiansThe Kremlin Tried to Use VKontakte—Russia’s Facebook—to Spy on Ukrainians » More





The Japanese Tech Giant Grapples With Losses‘Final Fantasy’ Comes to an End for Sony » More


Shoppers Verify Their Purchase by Scanning the Veins on Their PalmCan 'Pay With Your Palm' Biometrics Help Break Sweden's Card Addiction? » More

A Casual Marijuana Habit vs. Drinking RegularlyCasual Marijuana Use Linked to Brain Changes » Here


Your Trainer Saw ThatDevices Like Fitbit and Up24 Being Used by Gyms to Track Clients’ Activity » More

The First Broad National Picture of ProgressFor Diabetics, Health Risks Fall Sharply » Here


The Nasal Spray Was Useful Only for PreventionNasal Spray Holds Hope in Fighting Flu Epidemic » More


Spoofing the Fingerprint AuthenticationSecurity Researchers Bypass Samsung Galaxy S5′s Fingerprint Sensor » Here

“The Age of Instability”The Antidepressant Generation » Here


The Human Microbiome ProjectThe Secret to Treating Your Allergies May Lie in Your Stomach » More


An Environmental Crime The U.N., Cholera and Responsibility » More






The Footprint of x86 APU Accelerated Performance Within the Data CenterAMD Demos Next-Gen x86 Server APU Running Fedora Linux »


BlackBerry Targets Healthcare for Its Next Device Push BlackBerry Takes a Stake in Health Tech Company NantHealth » Here


E-Cigarettes Could Contribute to Negative Health EffectsEarly Data in E-Cigarette Study May Raise Safety Concerns » Here


The Tech Giant's Smart Contact Lens ProjectGoogle Wants to Fit an Entire Camera Into a Contact Lens » More


IBM's Definition of the Cloud IBM Lands $500 Million Private Cloud Deal With The Hartford » Here


The Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems ServiceMicrosoft Delivers Preview of New Azure Cloud Service for Internet of Things » More

Java Is at the Top of the ListOracle Issues Critical Patch Update: 104 Security Fixes » Here


PET Scans Measures Brain Activity in Regions Needed for ConsciousnessPET Scans Found to Explain Vegetative State » Here


Philips Significantly Expand Its Business Footprint on the ContinentPhilips Reiterates Commitment to Sustainable Healthcare and Lighting Solutions During Its Fifth Pan-African Roadshow » More

Spinal-Cord Simulators Are Intended to Relieve Pain When Spine Implants Lead to Paralysis, Who Is to Blame? » More






Still a Long Way Off 20nm Processors Announced » Here


An Imperfect Predictor of a Person’s Health RisksA Number That May Not Add Up » Here


The Everything ManAmazon's Jeff Bezos Reaches Far Beyond Retail » More


The 45-Mile Hydroelectric Project Apple Acquires Hydroelectric Project » More


The Latest Climate Change Report By 2050, Every Company Needs to Be a Zero-Energy Company. Or Else. » Here

A Hitherto Unproven TechnologyHow Eni Is Enlisting IBM's Watson in the Hunt for Black Gold » More


Lung Disease Treatment Without Major SurgeryHow Tiny Metal Coils Are Being Used to Treat a Devastating Lung Disease » Here

The RestoreAdvanced ImplantMedtronic Spine Device Restores Function in Paralyzed Patients » Here


The U.S. Government Wants 6,000 New 'Cyber Warriors' by 2016Uncle Sam Wants Cyber Warriors, but Can He Compete? » More


Train Your Brain to Find Things Faster Why We Misplace Our Keys, Phones, Wallets » Here






Retailer Has Plans to Announce Phone by June Amazon Preparing to Release Smartphone » More


The Academic Research Computing High End ResourceArcher Supercomputer Is Fastest in UK » Here


An Inertial Measurement UnitFrench Team Developing Geo-Location Without GPS » More


Google Tests a Way to Follow You to the MallGoogle Tries to Link Online Users to Their Purchases in Bricks-and-Mortar Stores » More

Bend It, Charge It, Dunk ItGraphene, the Material of Tomorrow » Here


Reshaping Shopping in the Digital Age High Expectations for eBay to Prove Tech Prowess » More


What Other Companies Made With Its TechnologyIBM Launches Updated Smarter Planet Effort During Masters » Here


A Mix of History and Tech, Fashion and the FutureItaly's Path to Becoming a Real Startup Nation » More


Easing of Tensions Between Russia and the U.S.Politics Test Silicon Valley's Russian Ties » More


The Formula for SuccessThe Art of ‘Something From Nothing’ » Here