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Doctor on Demand Gets SmarterA Doc in Your Pocket » More


Oakland jury finds Apple did not violate antitrust laws during iPod updatesApple Wins Ruling in $1-Billion Antitrust Suit Over iTunes Updates » More

A new generation of corporate technologyBox CEO Aaron Levie: From Commodity to ‘Defining Strategy’ » Here


The 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show, Jan. 6 to Jan. 9 in Las VegasCES Chief Gary Shapiro Explains the Coming Chaos of the Gigantic Tech Trade Show (Interview) » More

App available today on second-generation Hopper® Whole-Home HD DVRDISH First Major US Pay-TV Provider to Integrate Netflix » Here


A slew of Drive updates that improve file format support, file sharing and document searchGoogle Drive Adds ODF Support, Voice Search for Android, and App Uploads for iOS » More

The new certifications support key capabilities required of an enterprise data platformHortonworks Expands Certification Program, Looks to Accelerate Enterprise Hadoop Adoption » More

Companies Take Aggressive, Personalized Approach to Workers’ WeightMemo to Staff: Time to Lose a Few Pounds » Here


A new payment function in store for the next Samsung Galaxy smartphoneSamsung May Be Planning Apple Pay-Like Service: Report » Here


A form of payment from customers looking to subscribe to its titlesTime Inc Accepting Bitcoin Subscription Payments » More






4K “is nascent market…and it’s complicated to get it work across devices”Deluxe Bolts 4K Features To On Demand Platform » More


The list of companies working with Apple Pay continues to growDozens More Companies Sign Up for Apple Pay » Here


The malware attack vector is the RevSlider plugin for WordPressGoogle Blacklists 11,000 WordPress Sites Amid Malware Campaign » More

An explosion of health data and new ways to analyze itGoogle Ventures Shifts Focus to Health Care » More


The trend might lead to poor office morale, staff turnover, worker slowdowns and even 'employee sabotage'Hidden Devices Scrutinize Employees » Here


 iBeacons are a marquee example of the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT)iBeacons Make The Jump From Apple Only To The Android World » More

 Microsoft is looking at services connected to the operating system to monetize itMicrosoft's 'Arcadia' Team Is Building a Streaming App and Game Service » More

Activity trackers can help to deliver effective health benefits for patients with lumbar spinal stenosisPilot Study Suggests Wearable Devices Can Help Alleviate Back Pain » Here

Aaron Sorkin: The Press Shouldn’t Help the Sony HackersThe Sony Hack and the Yellow Press » More


The VA will also use Watson to help treat veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)VA Recruits IBM's Watson to Aid Doctors » More






Tesla gigafactoryElon Musk's Vision May Be Game-Changer for Utilities » More


The virtual-reality sector heats up with venture investmentFacebook’s Oculus Buys Two Startups for Virtual-Reality Gestures, 3D » More

The transition to broadband supportFCC Ups Speed Threshold for CAF » More


Connected cities to be largest IoT marketIoT Will Give 'Embedded' a Shot in the Arm » Here


A limited-edition set of women working in a laboratoryLego Reissues Popular Science Line for Girls » More


A small-but-established U.K. company called ApicalNext-Generation Tracking Technology Could Be in Your Gadgets Soon » Here

A new material exhibits superconductivity in a new waySuperconductor Unveils Room Temp Future » More


Breaking Down The Barriers That Hold Back Analytics AdoptionTest Driving IBM's Watson Analytics Beta » Here


'Spoiled Brat' Angelina Jolie's 'Rampaging Spoiled Ego'The Nightmare Email Drama Behind Sony's Steve Jobs Disaster » Here


The “ultimate eco car”Toyota’s Fuel-Cell Car Mirai Goes on Sale » Here





The traditional banking industry has yet to fully embrace digital currencyAmerican Express Chief Ken Chenault Sees Potential in Bitcoin’s Technology » Here

Bluetooth communications between smartphones and smartwatches running Android are vulnerableAndroid Smartwatches Vulnerable to Snooping » More


The leap from the laboratory to the marketplaceArtificial-Intelligence Startup MetaMind’s Bright Idea: Give Its Software Away » More

The changes would make the fund “more complex, less efficient and potentially wasteful”F.C.C. Increases Money for E-Rate Program for Internet in Schools and Libraries » Here

Hewlett-Packard’s ambitious plan to reinvent computingHP Will Release a “Revolutionary” New Operating System in 2015 » Here

Microsoft's antimalware products set an effective baseline that users get by defaultMicrosoft Antimalware to Lock Down System Settings » More


Innovation around new applications, ramp up hiring, and boost sales and marketing effortsPredictive Analytics Player Infer Raises $25 Million » Here


Pocket TV from 1984Sir Clive Sinclair Interview, ZX Spectrum Relaunched for Retro Gameplay » More

Qrio is a joint venture between Sony and World Innovation LabSony Taps Crowdfunding Wisdom on Smart Lock » Here


NoSQL database deployments could well be entering a new phase next yearWhy 2015 Will Be Big for NoSQL Databases: Couchbase CEO » Here




Alibaba says security holes discovered by cyber security experts have been closedAlibaba Security Flaws Exposed Data on Millions of Users, Analysts Say » Here

“The goal here is to bring sponsors to Twitch”Amazon’s Twitch Unit Buys a Gaming Advertising Agency » More


The immediate availability of new software analytics packages targeted at infrastructuresCisco's Next Stop on Internet-of-Everything Roadmap: Connected Analytics » Here

DeepDive Offers DIY Artificial IntelligenceDARPA Offers Free Watson-Like Artificial Intelligence » More


Softbank will utilize Predix to develop and deliver custom appsGE, Softbank Ink Predix Software Licensing Deal » Here


A novel argumentHow U.S. Net Neutrality Could Be an International Human Rights Fight » More

The biggest corporate endorsement yet to the digital currency, bitcoinMicrosoft to Allow Bitcoin Payments for Games, Apps, Other Content » More

Dashlane and Lastpass now let users change passwords automaticallyNow You Can Change All Your Passwords Automatically » Here


Parallels was working on containers before they were coolParallels Adopts Docker in Next Cloud Server Release » More


The app is designed to replace your phone’s alarm clock with a call from a real personWakie, The Social Alarm Clock That Lets You Wake Up Strangers, Finally Arrives On iOS » More






A busy 2015 in business technologiesApple and IBM Partnership Bears First Fruit: 10 Enterprise Apps » More

Security coalition, dubbed Box TrustBox Launches 'Trust' Security Program With Symantec, Splunk, Others » More

Who really does need to communicate quickly, urgently, securely about how to solve a problem?Doximity, the Social Network for Physicians, Continues Impressive Growth » Here

The company’s new Internet cloud offerings, cleared for government useMicrosoft CEO Nadella Visits D.C. to Promote Cloud Products for Federal Use » More

How Luxembourg has helped multinational companies to lower their tax billsNew Leak Shows Scope of Luxembourg Corporate-Tax Deals » Here


A new mobile security hub in the German capitalNokia Opens Berlin Security Hub after Strategy Overhaul » Here


A community platform-as-a-service projectOpen-Source PaaS Cloud Foundry Foundation Opens Its Doors » More


A significant milestone for the seven-year-old companySoundCloud’s Valuation Could Top $1.2 Billion With New Fundraising » Here

New rapid test to detect Ebola and other viruses in early stages of the diseaseSTMicroelectronics, Clonit, and Institute Spallanzani Develop Accurate Point-of-Care Analyzer for Early Ebola Detection » Here

The popular ride-hailing company misleads consumersUber Sued Over Unlawful Business Practices; Lyft Settles » More






Change Your Passwords All at Once with an Update to the Dashlane Password ManagerA Quick Fix for Poor Passwords » More


Updated custom Android software PrivatOSBlackphone Launches App Store for Personal Security and Privacy » More

Google is allowing users to run Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter on its cloud platformGoogle Expands Support of Microsoft Software on Its Cloud » Here


Human-caused global warming is going to make European summer heat waves “commonplace” by the 2040sHeat Waves in Europe Will Increase, Study Finds » More


The National Security Agency's bulk collection of phone recordsLawsuit Seeks End to NSA Data Collection » Here


A hybrid cloud services/software bundle that will be available next yearMicrosoft, Accenture Partner on Hybrid Cloud Offering » More


The medal had been given a pre-auction estimate $2.5 million to $3.5 millionRichest Russian Buys Watson’s Nobel Medal, Plans to Return It » Here


The challenge facing this technology company with a global reachSuspicions Keep Chinese Telecom Firm Huawei Out of U.S. Market » More

The sleek and stylish wrist-worn device is very simple and intuitive to useST Chips Capture the Beat in the Market’s Smallest Wearable Heart Monitor from PulseOn » More

TSMC plans to buy two extreme ultraviolet (EUV) scanners next yearTSMC to Use EUV for 7nm, Says ASML » Here