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Virtual reality to “mainlining television”‘Banshee’ Yell: Oculus Rift Has a Feature Film Waiting for It » More


Users are reporting serious faults when upgrading to the latest softwareAndroid Lollipop Makes Devices ‘Unusable’ » More


The riddle of what experts call “the z vector”Cellphone Tracking: Find an Address? Easy » Here


Some relief may be on the longer-term horizonChina Plans to Move Factories Abroad to Cut Smog » More


Google's datacentre will house tens of thousands of serversGoogle Signs Ten-Year Wind Deal to Power Dutch Datacentre » Here


Xbox One users can get in on the actionHBO Go Launches on Xbox One » More


IBM's New 'Presence Zones' Help Retailers Transform In-Store ExperienceIBM Gives Retailers A Crystal Ball This Holiday Season » Here


The front end of critical corporate dataNow Only One Month Old, Salesforce.com Gives Wave Analytics Cloud a Big Boost » More

A data warehousing technology that sits atop the Google public cloudOneFold Unveils Its Cloud-Based BigData Warehouse for Mobile and Internet of Things » More

ICT Renewal Action PlanQueensland Govt Releases Six-Month IT Action Plan » Here






The line between banks and telcos just got thinnerAfrica's New Thin SIM Cards » More


The country’s censors have cut a tiny hole in the Great FirewallContradictions Abound as China Pokes a Hole in Great Firewall to Host ‘World Internet Conference’ » Here

Report projects eight-fold traffic increase Ericsson Forecasts 9.5B Smartphone Subs by 2020 » More


IBM's reinvented email and collaboration softwareIBM's Verse: Can Watson Ultimately Be Your Inbox Jockey? » More


A new supercomputer with up to seven times computing power of today's fastest systemsLawrence Livermore Lab Will Get Next-Gen Supercomputer » More


the USPS has found no evidence that the data has been used for “malicious activity”Postal Service ‘Functioning Normally’ After Cyber Breach, Official Says in Testimony for Hearing » More

Plans to end the National Security Agency’s mass collection of Americans’ communications recordsSenate Fails to Advance Legislation on NSA Reform » Here


An alternative for businesses experiencing cost or scaling issues with Oracle or MySQLSplice Machine's SQL on Hadoop Database Goes on General Release » More

WhatsApp’s encryption applies only to text messages sent from one Android phone to anotherWhatsApp Brings Encryption to Masses » Here


GreatCall offers a simplified smartphone and flip phone that are designed to appeal to older usersWhen an Algorithm Helps Keep an Eye on Your Grandparent » Here





A 20-inch model just 20mm thick with RealSense 3D cameraBlack Brook Prototype Tables Intel's Vision of Future All-in-One PC » More

WatchKit Software Tools Now Available to DevelopersDevelopers Start Designing Apps for Apple Watch » More


The Internet Security Research GroupEncrypting Web Site Traffic Could Become Easier Next Year » More


A new e-mail application for businesses that integrates social media, file sharing and analyticsIBM Launches Business E-mail That Integrates Social Media » More


A novel money transfer service tied to TwitterInside the Pay-by-Tweet Service That's Poised to Shake Up France's Payments Market » Here

IBM said it will make the airline's IT processes more efficientLufthansa Signs $1.25 Billion Outsourcing Deal With IBM » More


Chat app's users transfer money from debit cardsSnapchat's Snapcash Feature Lets Users Send Money via Square » More


The Swasthya Slate This Indian Start-up Could Disrupt Health Care With Its Powerful and Affordable Diagnostic Machine » Here

 The game is aimed at encouraging college enrollment for low-income studentsThis Video Game Can Help Seniors Get Into College » More


There's always uncertainly in developing technologyWindows 10, OneDrive Sync and the Art of Difficult Conversations » More




The loser chips behind tablet flopsApple Inc. A8X iPad Chip Causing Big Problems for Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung and Nvidia » Here

Verizon remains committed to its program of inserting a tracking number into its customers’ cellphone transmissionsAT&T Stops Using Undeletable Phone Tracking IDs » More


How to enhance clients’ experience or internal processesDeutsche Bank Setting Up Innovation Labs With IBM, Microsoft » More


Facebook at WorkFacebook Said to Plan Site to Rival Microsoft Office » Here


Carrier neutral, multi-peered and with dark fibre availabilityKeystone NAP Partners With Schneider Electric to Build Next Generation Modular Datacenter » More

 'We want to reach everyone, everywhere, across all devices and screens.'Phunware's Goal: Touch Every Person on Earth » More


Hackers are probing government agencies to understand what kind of data is accessibleState Department Targeted by Hackers in 4th Agency Computer Breach » More

Chip giant partners with GlobalFoundries to fabricate Apple chipsSamsung Strikes Chip Deal With Apple » Here


What led ZenMate to create its privacy productsThe German Startups Hoping to Ease the Privacy Worries of the 'Healthy Paranoid' » More

Twilio's move could allow it to land and expand into more corporate accountsTwilio Launches Elastic SIP Trunking, Courts More Enterprises » More






What the hellA Secret U.S. Spy Program Is Using Planes to Target Cell Phones » More


A simple and more convenient way to purchase favorite appsApple Adds UnionPay Payment Option for App Store Customers in China » More

 “Right now, Intel is more receptive than ARM''ARM Chipmakers Aren’t Matching Intel’s Innovation » More


It's unclear exactly why Google decided to kill off the service for digital goods on the web aloneGoogle Retires Wallet Payment Processing for Digital Goods » Here


Dangerous consequences for organizations that continue to run Windows Server 2003 R2Homeland Security Alerts on End of Windows Server 2003 Support » More

The government will fund two high-performance computing supercomputersIBM and Nvidia Win $425M to Build Two Monstrous Supercomputers for the Department of Energy » Here

The progress of gender equality at the highest levels of US businessIBM’s Ginni Rometty Admitted to Augusta » Here


Got a business? Get a hotspotItaly Unveils Law to Make Everywhere Offer Free Public Wi-Fi » More


We cannot take for granted that the future will be betterReid Hoffman, Peter Thiel Talk Monopolies, Innovation, and Jobs » More

The FAA will consider new regulations for commercial space travelVirgin Galactic Tragedy May Mean New Space Tourism Rules » Here






A new high-performance database engineAmazon vs Oracle: A Database War » More


Net neutralityCable Companies 'Stunned' by Obama's 'Extreme' Proposals » Here


IntercloudCisco's Cloud Connector » More


The new app will offer “ads-free music, background play, and offline viewingGoogle Launches Invite-Only ‘YouTube Music Key’ Streaming Service for $8 a Month » Here

A consumer-facing wellness app that gleans insights from a user's DNAIBM's Watson Group Invests in Pathway Genomics, Eyes Consumer Wellness App » More

How did it go undetected so long?Microsoft Just Squashed a 19-Year-Old Software Bug » Here


Devices more fully functional beacons for marketersSamsung Readies Its Apple iBeacon Challenger, Proximity » Here


PlayStation VueSony to Test Streaming Video on an Invite-Only Basis » More


A “cash-rich split-off”Warren Buffett’s Berkshire to Buy Duracell in $4.7 Billion Stock Deal » More

A long-awaited upgrade of its music offeringsYouTube Music Key Is Introduced as New Rival in Streaming » More





Elastic BeanstalkAmazon Conference Showcases Another Side of the Retailer’s Business » More

Apple's wide-ranging and all-encompassing ecosystemApple Is Going To Put The Hurt On Pandora » Here


A world-class computer-science educationGift From Ballmer Will Expand Computer Science Faculty at Harvard » Here

An alternative digital and physical distribution platformGhost Tunes, Garth Brooks' iTunes Alternative, Launches in Full » More


A sensitive time for Google’s DoubleClickGoogle’s DoubleClick Outage Turns Internet Ad-Free For Over an Hour » More

Stride Management AssistHonda's Robotic Legs Can Help Disabled People Walk Again » More


The Lumia 535Microsoft Takes Aim at Android With Newest Smartphone » Here


An end to these types of water cooler debatesNEC Says Smartphone Technology Can Spot Fake Bling » More


It captures a gigapixel of 3D footage every secondSamsung Announces Project Beyond, a 360-degree 3D Camera That Creates Virtual Reality Worlds » Here

A battle over the speed of the Tegra K1 and Exynos 5433 processorsSamsung Retaliates Against Nvidia With Chip Patent Lawsuit » More