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Sony's Xperia Z5 Premium has an absurd 4K display (theVerge)

Google-led Group Preempts HEVC (EE Times) (Envisioneering Quotes)

A Sneak Peek At Watchable, Comcast’s Online Video Service (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)


Comcast Tests ‘Unlimited Data Option’ (MC)

E-waste Eludes EU’s Enforcement Efforts (EE Times)

IBM Watson: What are companies using it for? (ZD)

Artificial intelligence in business: The state of play and future prospects (ZD)

Apple’s (Big) Blue-print for the Enterprise (USA Today)

Research: 34 percent afraid of artificial intelligence (ZD)

Microsoft SONAR Makes Malware Detonation A Service (ZD)

This Algorithm can create a new Van Gogh or Picasso in an hour(WP)

U.S. developing sanctions against China over cyberthefts (WP)

Apple looks to Netflix model with original TV, films for rumoured streaming service (ZD)

This sensor can make your dumb appliances smarter (ZD)

Apple Joins Pentagon Alliance to Develop Wearable Tech (EE Times)

The really big things we can expect from really tiny microbots (WP)


MIT invents 'breakthrough' 3D printer that can print 10 different materials simultaneously (IBTTimes)

DARPA’s next-gen drones will launch and land on other airplanes. While they’re moving. (WP)

Amazon Echo now plays music, books from multiple accounts; gains BART schedules (ZD)

Cellular, Wi-Fi Spar Over Spectrum (EE Times)

U.K. Cops Arrest 6 Teens Linked to Sony, Microsoft Cyber-Attacks (Variety)

NAB, NATOA Sue FCC Over Effective Competition Decision (B&C)

Will new technology translate into real-world gains? (LA Times)

Google rebuts 'unfounded' EU antitrust claims (ZD)

Ubuntu Linux continues to rule the cloud (ZD)

Nanotech Hub Targets 7nm, Beyond (EE Times)

Samsung Pay beta opens in U.S.: Here's how to get in (ZD)

The secret to Facebook’s new Siri competitor? People. (WP)

Intel And Qualcomm Battle To Bring Computer Vision Into Phones And Drones (Forbes)

Finally: Non-Verizon iPhones, Nexus 6 allowed on the carrier's network (ZD)

Cox Launches Online Video App for Children, Dubbed Flare Kids (Exclusive) (Variety)


Watching MIT's Glass 3D Printer Is Absolutely Mesmerizing (gizmodo)

Oculus Founder: It Will Take a Long Time for Virtual Reality to Become Mainstream (Variety)

CCIA: Protecting Fair Use Is Central to Copyright Changes (B&C)

Shorter patent office to Congress: Don’t touch the patent appeals system (WP)


Reprogramming Cancer Cells Back to Normal Cells (neuroscience news)

ACA Asks FCC to Gauge Impact of Programming Costs (B&C)

A court just made it easier for the government to sue companies for getting hacked (WP)

CableLabs Opens Door to DOCSIS 3.1 Certification Tests (MC)

How Edison uses water to store excess power (LA Times)

The human 'superpredator' is unique — and unsustainable, study says (LA Times)

Will drone racing fly as a sport? (LA Times)

Alphabet/Google has given birth to a healthcare tech company (LA Times)

Amazon Echo gets SmartThings support (ZD)


California bill targets smart TVs that watch you (MN)

Precision Medicine to Drastically Improve Cancer Treatment (ZD)

China's smartphone-buying frenzy tailing off, as Samsung's share wanes across the globe (ZD)

Comcast Opens ‘Xfinity Share’ Floodgates (MC)

Standardized tests may be holding back the next generation of computer programmers (WP)

The messy battle to protect your data from your own Internet provider (WP)

DirecTV Launches 4K Box (MC)

New social network ETER9 brings AI to your interactions (ZD)

Column: Why is healthcare innovation taking so long? (USA Today)

Hollywood, Silicon Valley Sharpen Their Swords in Piracy War (Variety)

IDF 2015: Intel woos developers to build for 'the algorithm economy' (ZD)


IBM scientists develop brain inspired chip (CBR)

HyperSound speakers can help those hard of hearing (USA Today)

Apple disputes MusicWatch survey numbers on streaming retention (USA Today)

Google unveils 'OnHub' wireless router (MN)

Facebook could be the future of money, if it learns to ignore the United States (WP)

Could hackers take down a city? (WP)

Scientists discover atomic-resolution details of brain signaling (phys.org)

Sequencing the genome creates so much data we don’t know what to do with it (WP)

Looking Beyond TV, Cable Is Exploring Virtual Reality (Variety)

Secure or not, IoT is everywhere. Get used to it.(ZD)

Europe, it’s time we built our own Silicon Valley (VB)

Unicorn startup execs debate 'marketplace economy' challenges (ZD)

Alibaba may stoke US paranoia with cloud move (ZD)

Comcast Gets Ready to Launch Online Video Service on Its Set-Tops and the Web (Variety)

LG Jumps on the HD Audio Bandwagon With New Mobile Music Service (Variety)


Samsung’s Latest Galaxy Note 5 Could Be the End of the High-Priced Phablet (recode)

A Century-Old Device May Be the Future of Electronics (gizmodo)

The FTC is finally telling businesses what ‘competition’ should mean (WP)

Intel Preps Crosspoint Server (EE Times)

The FCC could soon give more power to cable companies. Here’s how. (WP)

Siri, Tell Me a Joke. No, a Funny One. (NYT)

Faulty devices are a big problem for consumers and mobile carriers, survey says (ZD)

Standing on the shoulders of metal and silicon giants (ZD)

Verizon’s new, experimental FiOS service is 10 times faster than Google Fiber (WP)

The life and times of Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak, who turns 65 today (BI)

Oracle's perpetual license talk: Can it preserve the core? (ZD)

One-wire EEPROM Needs No Power (EE Times)

Internet of Things device security degrades over time (ZD)

Alphabet could be Berkshire Hathaway of tech, say analysts (ZD)

IoT Networks Debated at ESC (EE Times)



How to turn Amazon Echo into the brains of your smarthome (ZD)

Google becomes part of a new company, Alphabet (WP)

The future of cars is smart, not autonomous (USA Today)

Tesla burns cash, loses more than $4,000 on every car sold (VB)


Old Intel chips are vulnerable to a fresh security exploit (engadget)

MIT claims to have found a “language universal” that ties all languages together (ArsTechnia)

Solar Cell, Battery Combo May Simplify Power Generation (EE Times)

Germ-slaying robots fight infections (ZD)

Why the FTC is showing up at hackers’ biggest conferences (WP)

IBM makes $1B purchase to boost Watson's health care capabilities (MN)

This Hacker's Tiny Device Unlocks Cars And Opens Garages (Wired)

Dream of Internet freedom dying, Black Hat keynoter says (ZD)

Motorola: High-tech future for police includes smartbelts and drones (USA Today)

FCC sets plan to lure TV stations to sell airwaves for mobile services (LA Times)

Hackers can remotely steal fingerprints from Android phones (ZD)

Google gets serious about Android security: Monthly Nexus software updates (ZD)

Automakers trying to prevent hackers from commandeering cars (MN)

Virtual-Reality Film Festival to Hit 10 Cities in North America (Variety)

NASA to Congress: Want to stop using Russian capsules to get to space? Let us work. (WP)


From Car-Jacking To Car-Hacking: How Vehicles Became Targets For Cybercriminals (BW)

Here’s How the Lexus Hoverboard Actually Works (BW)

Cloud-Computing Kingpins Slow to Adapt to Own Movement (BW)

California Has a Plan to End the Auto Industry as We Know It (BW)


High Churn for OTT Services (MC News)

Connected medical devices: The Internet of things-that-could-kill-you (WP)

How the hybrid cloud has already doomed your data center (ZD)

NASA Preps Venus ICs (EE Times)

CableCARD Deployments Creep Past 53M (MC)

U.S. District Judge rules mobile-phone tracking does require a warrant (ZD)

Watch this robotic water-strider hop on top of water (LA Times)

Federal Court's data breach decision shows new tilt toward victims, class-action lawsuits (ZD)

Cutting the Cord: Sports slowly breaking through the pay-TV mold (USA Today)

WikiLeaks says U.S. spied on Japanese government, companies (MN)


This idea by the FCC is terrifying Apple, Amazon and Microsoft (WP)

IBC: BBC Paper on HDR Gets IBC Award (B&C)

New Apple TV Device Slated for September Launch: Report (Variety)

Graphene Lights Up Chips (EE Times)


Zuckerberg to Wall Street: Be Patient, Big Things Will Take Time [BB]

Here’s What Inspired Top Minds in Artificial Intelligence to Get Into the Field [BB]

Quantum Computing: Diode-like Breakthrough Surmounts Roadblock (EE Times)

Marketers failing to take advantage of predictive analytics tools according to new report (ZD)

Zuckerberg to Wall Street: Be Patient, Big Things Will Take Time [BB]

Here’s What Inspired Top Minds in Artificial Intelligence to Get Into the Field [BB]

Quantum Computing: Diode-like Breakthrough Surmounts Roadblock (EE Times)

Marketers failing to take advantage of predictive analytics tools according to new report (ZD)


Huge traffic expected for Win 10 upgrade (USA Today) (Envisioneering Quotes)

Smart Meters Can Destabilize Grid, Study Says (EE Times)

What we’ve learned from one year of Internet.org (WP)

Intel, Micron unveil 3D XPoint as first new class of memory tech in decades (ZD)


Software turns smartphones into tools for medical research (MN)

New Google patent wants to store and search your life experiences (ZD)

Stakeholders to Vet Biometric Best Practices (B&C)

Power Purchase Agreements allow utilities to build renewable resources (ZD)

Bay Area tech innovators honored for helping the disabled (MN)

Stephen Hawking to answer your questions via his first Reddit forum [cnet]

The Singular Mind of Terry Tao [NY Times]

While Its Streaming Service Booms, Netflix Streamlines Old Business [NY Times]

Survey: Is artificial intelligence the future of IT? (ZD)

Q&A: Stanford VR expert on the new tech's promise and limitations (MN)

Nanoparticle Imaging with Graphene (EE Times)

Five reasons Internet of Things development will take longer than expected (ZD)

Smartphone shipments surge: Do we really need 200 brands? (ZD)

Smartphone Processor Sales Climb, Players Ranked (EE Times)

Google tests self-driving cars in sticky road situations (USA Today)

Switched off: What's going on with Apple's HomeKit? (ZD)

Cloud analytics: What's driving growth? (ZD)

In Apple Watch Debut, Signs of a Familiar Path to Success [NY Times]

A Fearless Culture Fuels U.S. Tech Giants [NY Times]


Rhapsody Sees Spike In Paid Streaming, Is Catching Up To Pandora  [buzzfeed]

Patent pool wants payment for streaming video [USA Today] 

Smart Cities Efforts Expand (EE Times)[Envisioneering Quotes]

Microsoft to deliver Advanced Threat Analytics cybersecurity product in August (ZD)

New Patent Pool Wants 0.5% Of Every Content Owner/Distributor’s Gross Revenue For Higher Quality Video [streamingMedia]


Audi, BMW, Daimler aim to avoid mapping lock-in, to buy Nokia Here (ZD)

3D Printed Electronics Are Here, Researchers Say (EE Times)

Cars May Soon Understand More of What You Say [MIT TR]

New Star Trek-style medical device accelerates healing by 30 percent [extremetech]

Apple Hires Ex-Fiat Chrysler Exec For Operations Role, Fueling Car Rumors [techcrunch]

Powering the Autonomous Car (EE Times)

Cablevision Scores Set-Top Data Patent (MC)

First FAA-approved drone delivery takes medicine to rural Virginia (LA Times)

Audio overkill? Some question benefits of 'high-res' music (MN)

IBM Slashes Next-Gen Power (EE Times)

Deal Could Cut Tariffs on $1 Trillion in Tech Trade - [Bloomberg Business]

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work — Medium

TSMC Trims 2015 Outlook(EE Times)

Silicon Valley follows China's playbook in hunt for business (MN)

Mobile data could soon be included in federal analyses of high-speed Internet deployment (WP)

Visionize uses virtual reality headsets to help people with low vision (LA Times)

UCLA Health hit by hack; medical data on 4.5 million people exposed (ZD)


Tesla unveils designs for a plug-in hybrid mobile home, the Model H [offgriduest]

Workplace social and email disruption costs US companies $300 billion (ZD)

Philips Hue lights now work with Sharknado 3 and an Xbox One game [TheVerge]

AMD CEO says laptop sales dropped more than expected in advance of Windows 10 launch [VB]

How much do we love our Wi-Fi? Enough to abandon security and switch hotels and airlines (ZD)

Hackers for hire: How online forums make cybercrime easier than ever (WP)

New Electric Car Company Emerges: Faraday Future [MotorTrend]

Intel CEO credits solid Q2 results to Internet of Things, data center growth (ZD)

Google Fiber pledges free Internet access for public housing (ZD) 

Bell Labs Bucks Short-Term Research Trend (EE Times)

Your Streaming Music Payments Are Going Where? [BB]

How Facebook and Twitter Became Your Newspapers [recode]

What YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Deezer, and TIDAL Are Paying Artists… [DMN]

Linux still rules supercomputing (ZD)

Exclusive: CEO Nadella talks Microsoft's mobile ambitions, Windows 10 strategy, HoloLens and more (ZD)

Globalfoundries' CEO: Why FD-SOI and Why Now [EE Times]

Remember when technology was exciting? [icringely]

Competify' Campaign Seeks FCC Action on Broadband [MC News]

Privacy talk at DEF CON canceled under questionable circumstances [csoonline]

How Scientific Inventions Sparked Population Explosion [SA]

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Dies at 55 [Wired]

Privacy advocates ask regulators to take a closer look at gadgets that are ‘always on’ (WP)

Wolverton: New, smarter light bulbs do more than just turn on (MN)

FCC Proposes Telecom Service Safeguards Amid Move to Fiber   (journal)

Microsoft's new Power BI service to be generally available starting July 24 (ZD)


Apple invents continuous handwriting input method, magnetically linkable earphones [appleinsider]

FCC commissioners disagree over whether Internet access is a “necessity” [Journal]

The Stock Market Bell Rings, Computers Fail, Wall Street Cringes [NY Times]

IBM has first 7nm chip and leapfrogs over competitors (Computerworld)

IBM Leapfrogs Intel to 7nm  EUV FinFETs Use Germanium Channel (EE Times)

IBM Reports Advances in Shrinking Future Chips Prototypes signal the industry is continuing to make progress in developing smaller circuitry (Journal)

IBM Announces Computer Chips More Powerful Than Any in Existence (NY Times)

IBM and allies advance chip technology two generations into the future (Cnet)

Strickling: Congress Will Vet Domain Name Hand-off    (multichannel)

Outages at NYSE, United Airlines, WSJ.com expose digital vulnerabilities (LA Times)

How the audacious Pentagon agency that invented the Internet is now trying to save it (WP)


Cisco places big bet on France’s tech economy [VB]

AT&T teases a $5 Internet service to help seal the DirecTV deal (WP)

Intel is sucking the life out of AMD (USA Today)

We’ll spend less on gadgets this year for the first time since 2010 (WP)

BMW's Hydrogen Future is Embodied by This Sinister i8 Prototype [roadandtrack]

Search After the Search Box: Google Now Pushes Into the Next Frontier of Mobile Behavior [recode]

Thin Film Solar Cells May Rival Silicon (EE Times)

Tandem Solar Cell May Boost Electricity from Sunlight [SA]

Amazon expands mobile ambitions with Cloud Drive apps (ZD)

8 Views of the Chip Horizon (EE Times)

IBM's Virtual Supercomputer Finds Clean Water Clue [marketwatch]

Comcast Ventures Backs Connected Car Startup (MC)


Peeking into the brain's filing system [BBC]

Biodegradable Electronics Debut (EE Times)

This is How Good the Sony a7S is with Low Light and High ISO [petapixel]

Apple Watch Tear Down Reveals European Chips (EE Times)

Quinn: SF tech firms too focused on solving problems for First World elite (MC News)

3-D Fingerprint Scanner Beats Apple's (EE Times)


Revealed: iPhone 6S will look nearly identical outside, but expect numerous changes inside [Gallery] 
Who Makes the Best Smartphone Cam? Not Apple [Yahoo]
Return of Electro-Cures Exposes Psychiatry's Weakness  [SA]
The Wheelchair Gets a Makeover—and a New Name e [Journal]
Long live ROS: Why the robotics revolution is being driven by open source development (ZD)
We’ve finally hit the breaking point for the original Internet (WP)

How the Internet is ruining your memory (WP)

Going Nuclear: The Fusion Race Is Heating Up. Will Anyone Cross the Finish Line? (Video)[recode]

Nanogenerator Harvests Energy From Rolling Tires (EE Times)

IBM-GlobalFoundries Deal Finalized (EE Times)

MIT uses artificial intelligence to predict online learning drop outs (ZD)

Watch Michael Fassbender in the Snappy New Trailer for Danny Boyle’s ‘Steve Jobs’ (journal)

FBI investigating 11 attacks on San Francisco-area Internet lines [USA Today] ] [Envisioneering Quotes]

The future of mobile data pits cellphone carriers against cable giants (WP)

Amazon introduces new open-source TLS implementation 's2n' (ZD)

Talking Sheets, Thinking Shorts (EE Times)

Always click the first Google result? You might want to stop doing that. (WP)

Researchers Use Femtosecond Lasers To Display Touchable Images In The Air [techcrunch]

Amazon Echo: Ringmaster of the home automation IoT circus (ZD)

Disney Merges Its Consumer Products and Interactive Divisions (Variety)

Singapore teaches kids to form start-ups (USA Today)

Oracle rolls out Commerce Cloud for online merchants (ZD)


Zane Lowe, the D.J. Scratching Out Beats 1 for Apple  [NY Times]

Technicolor Unveils HDR Transition Tech (B&C)

Many Indie Labels Now Make More Money With Digital Than CDs (Variety)

Watson’s next feat? Taking on cancer (WP)

New apps are helping smartphones to recognize images (LA Times)

US tech companies still not doing enough to help police and spies, claims UK (ZD)

Without enterprise architects, digital economy may descend into chaos (ZD)

Dexterous humanoid space robot wins NASA award (ZD)

Digital divide decreasing but not gone (USA Today)

Study: Multicultural Viewers Drive Streaming Usage (B&C)

Tesla, Xiaomi top MIT’s list of world’s smartest companies [VB]

USB Type-C Could Change the Laptop/Smartphone Supply Chain [EBN]

Ford just announced one of the most high-tech bikes ever designed [BI]

NASA to Use HoloLens on Space Station - Bloomberg Business [BW]


The U.S. computer industry is dying and I’ll tell you exactly who is killing it and why [Cringely]

How Ford will sell more cars by pushing electric bicycles, smart watches and ride-sharing [extremetech]

Sony's Equity Stake in Spotify Challenged in Lawsuit Claiming Artists Are Robbed [HR] 

Oculus chief explains the secret to fun VR games and how to make them just right (interview) [VB]

Lexus Builds a Functional Hoverboard Prototype [BW]

An Evening with the Consciousness Hackers [NewYorker]

Google Startup Aims to Bring Fast, Free Wi-Fi to Cities [BW]

You Thought Amazon's Cloud Was Big? Alibaba's Is Huge [BW]

Cooking with AI? Elementary, says IBM Watson (ZD)

Google Is Competing With Itself With New Music Service [BW]

Google Reveals Health-Tracking Wristband - Bloomberg Business [BW]

First 5G mobile networks expected in 2020 with up to 20 Gbps speeds (ZD)

Only half of enterprise developers are ready for the Internet of Things, survey finds (ZD)

Open Container Project: How cloud giants are joining forces against lock-in and fragmentation (ZD)

Why the next World War will be a cyberwar first, and a shooting war second (ZD)

Sites that don't offer HTTPS encryption are running out of excuses (ZD)

Former US CIO opines how tech, data can improve city planning (ZD)

Lasers, apps and VR: Cutting edge medical tech on display [MN]

Oh, to Be Young, Millennial, and So Wanted by Marketers   (NY Times)

Deep Learning Machine Beats Humans in IQ Test [MIT TR]


DARPA wants to engineer fake bacteria to patrol the human gut [Cnet]

AMD’s faster memory chips prepare gamers for 4K and VR [VB]

The Watcher of the Apple Watch: Jeff Williams at Code 2015 (Video)

How AMD’s E3 event, Eve Valkyrie sold me on VR [extremetch]

HP unveils 8-inch Pro Tablet 608 for the enterprise [ZD]


How a keyboard glitch left 600 million Samsung smartphones at risk of being hacked (WP)

Nintendo’s Dull E3 Showcase Sparks Backlash From Fans [BW]

We Played With Sony's Virtual Reality Headset [BW]

Paris Air Show Grounds Drones — Again (EE Times)



HoloLens Is Awesome, but Microsoft Has a Long Way to Go [BW]

Why America's $2.9 Trillion Medical Industry Still Runs on Paper Payments [BW]

Google Defines an IoT Layer (EE Times)


Hadoop and Spark: A tale of two cities (ZD)


Elon Musk to students: Build me a pod so we can travel through tubes near the speed of sound (WP)

Data exposed in breaches can follow people forever. The protections offered in their wake don’t. (WP)

A day of surprises at the start of E3 [VB]

Data exposed in breaches can follow people forever. The protections offered in their wake don’t. (WP)



Syfy Syncs Up With LG’s Smart TVs (MC)

Has FD-SOI Hit Its Tipping Point? [EE Times)

Taking the cloud to school (ZD)

Quinn: Occupy, Silicon Valley style (MN)

These Bots May Save Your Life Someday — Backchannel — Medium

Left in the Brain: Potentially Toxic Residue from MRI Drugs [propublica]

Everything Oculus VR announced at its pre-E3 Rift event today[VB]

Facial recognition technology is everywhere. It may not be legal. (WP)

HP adds $299 turntable scanner to Sprout blended reality PC (ZD)



Big Brother at the Wheel [EE Times]

Public Internet is supposed to lower prices. In Seattle, it could work too well. (WP)

Bezos: Amazon's in a plural marriage to the cloud, Prime and Marketplace (USA Today)

Google supports 'digital single market' in Europe (USA Today)

Costs Of Slipshod Research Methods May Be In The Billions [NPR]

A House bill to fight patent trolls may be falling apart at the last minute (WP)

US tech giants to "far exceed" $35 billion loss in NSA fallout (ZD)

Smart Glasses Pack Tablet SoC (EE Times)

Mercedes-Benz is going head-to-head against Tesla with a home battery [TheVerge]

6 Streaming Alternatives to Apple Music [PC Mag]


Pay TV Subs Yearn for Unlimited DVR Storage (MC)

New York Public Library CTO Aboyoun on cloud, storage, future of the library (ZD)

The best new tech is invisible (USA Today)

Magid: Cutting the cable cord more credible with proliferating streaming options (MN)


Google Touts Machine-Learning Prowess to Shareholders         (journal)

Apple's Tim Cook savages Google and Facebook for privacy failures (ZD)

Rebooting the Human Genome (MIT TR)

Dell DAAC vs. HP Discover: Why Dell is Winning and HP is Failing (Rob Enderle)


Here’s Why Apple Isn’t Making a Television (Time)

Wearable tech 2.0 aims to alter mind, body (MN)

Apple prepares for major enterprise push by making Macs, iPhones, iPads easier for IT to support(ZD))

Apple’s Tim Cook Delivers Blistering Speech On Encryption, Privacy (tech crunch)

China's smartphone market is almost saturated -- so what happens next? (LA Times)

Watch out college professors, the robots are coming for your jobs (WP)

AT&T, IBM dive into water-saving game with connected tech (USA Today)

Intel's Altera purchase strategy: Data center today; IoT tomorrow (ZD)

Nantero's carbon nanotube memory breakthrough (ZD)


Here’s Why Apple Isn’t Making a Television (Time)

TV Reengineers Its Tech Teams (B&C)

AT&T, IBM dive into water-saving game with connected tech (USA Today)

Intel's Altera purchase strategy: Data center today; IoT tomorrow (ZD)


Google Gestures at 60 GHz (EE Times)

A Temporary Tattoo That Senses Through Your Skin (Spectrum)

The long life of a quick ‘fix’ (WP)

Woman donates vintage Apple computer worth $200,000 to recycling centre (CTV)

Microsoft starts prompting Windows 7 and Windows 8 users to ‘reserve’ their free Windows 10 upgrade (VB)

The Vagus Nerve: A Back Door for Brain Hacking (Spectrum)

Meet the Co-Founder of an Apocalypse Think Tank (SA)

The Music Singularity (Forbes)

Microsoft and Google rise while IBM sinks in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for cloud providers (ZD)

The Cerebellum May Be the Seat of Creativity (PT)

How the compact disc lost its shine (Guardian)

Renowned inventor Dean Kamen: Innovation is about finding the right problem (Geekwire)

For Solowheel maker, a patent rights nightmare in China (LA Times)

Harvard medical professor: Big data and analytics help cure cancer (ZD)


Stanford researchers could beat computer heat problem with light-based chip design (MN)

10 drone and robot start-ups move onto Qualcomm campus for the summer (LA Times)

Today’s Internet users are still being hurt by ’90s-era U.S. encryption policies (WP)

Why GoPro Is Delving Into Virtual Reality, Drone-Based Cameras(Variety)

Google’s Android TV Wants to Turn Every App Into a TV Channel (Variety)


CES Asia: ‘Zero Distance’ to Supply Chains (EE Times)

Google lures programmers with virtual-reality cardboard gadget (MN)

Apple Executive Adds to Chatter That Company Is Looking to Cars - Bloomberg Business (BB)

Google’s genius futurist has one theory that he says will rule the future — and it’s a little terrifying (BI)

Moonves says CBS will 'probably' be part of Apple's television service (CNNMoney)

Bing Gordon talks about the big problem with virtual reality (Fortune)

When Does Consciousness Begin and End? (PBS)

The Sensational Pebble Time Smartwatch: Too Bad About Its Lousy Screen (Yahoo)

This computer designs really bizarre food recipes (Fortune)

A Murky Road Ahead for Android, Despite Market Dominance (NY Times)

‘Thought vectors’ could revolutionize artificial intelligence (extreme tech)

In 5 years, 80 percent of the whole Internet will be online video (WP)

Apple, Android car systems get big boost from GM (MN)

Philips establishes alliance with MIT (MIT)

Berkeley lab unveils new solar energy center aimed at producing fuel from sunlight (MN)

Malone's deal making confirms consolidation phase for digital TV market (USA Today)

IBM launches business-centric applications for the Apple Watch (Fortune)

Xiaomi's Spending Spree: Its Logic and Method (EE Times)

Relax, the Terminator Is Far Away (NY Times)

A Tale of Two Commissioners  (Medium)

Charter says it’s buying Time Warner Cable. Here’s what customers can look forward to next. (WP)

Your connected home will be cooler than 'The Jetsons' (USA Today)

The Robots are Winning! (NY Times)

Can Smartphones Become The New Stethoscopes? Expert Insights Into The Future Of Mobile Health (IBTimes)

Sony Terms With Spotify Uncovered in Contract (NY Times)

This was Sony Music's contract with Spotify (TheVerge)

Encryption for Everyone: The free service that will change how you think about security (ZD)

Force Sensors Make Medical Devices Smarter (EE Times)

Smart Factories Meet AI (EE Times)


How the Apple Watch Can Collect Patient Data (EE Times)

Watch: Man controls a robotic arm with his thoughts (LA Times)


A Tech Boom Aimed at the Few, Instead of the World (NY Times)

Steve Wozniak: 'US would look like Dubai if it didn't spend all its money on military' (ArabianBusiness)

MPAA: TV, Movies Are Trade That Needs Promoting (B&C)

Huawei’s Everything-Connected Game Plan (EE Times)

Here’s Why Apple’s TV Service Won’t Launch Nationwide (Variety)


Apple TV Could Be Key to Apple’s Connected-Home Plans (Variety)

New iPhone could debut as early as August (ZD)

NSA planned Google Play hack to target Android smartphones (ZD)

Cloud research project cuts mobile broadband use to a fraction with GPU offload (ZD)

UNICEF, ARM team up foster development of 'Wearables for Good' (ZD)

Certification, regulation needed to secure IoT devices (ZD)

Americans don't trust government and companies to protect their data (LA Times)

New patent lawsuits are down for the first time in five years. Here’s why that’s a huge deal. (WP)

IBM's smart traffic system aims to improve traffic on N.J. highways (PJ)

Prosthetic Limbs, Controlled by Thought (NY Times)

Winners of IBM Watson’s First-Ever Hackathon Revealed (BM)

KGI lowers Apple Watch forecast significantly, says over 80% of sales are larger 42mm version (9to5mac)

Home app for iOS 9 will reportedly tie Apple's HomeKit devices together (ZD)

Silicon Valley’s Army of Advocates in Washington (Recode)


Safari, Chrome hit by address bar spoofing bugs (ZD)

Say goodbye to your clunky air conditioner — this kitchen table uses no electricity to regulate the temperature of your apartment (BI)

How the battle for the future of the Web is shaped by economics (WP)

Verizon Aims to Rebuild TV for Mobile Age With AOL Purchase (Variety)

Apple Gives Up On Building TVs, But Not On Changing TV  (Variety)

Facebook helps makerspaces expand in the classroom (MN)

Why Big Businesses Are So Concerned with Quantifying Our Emotions (Vice)

Apple v. Samsung case shows the difficulty of protecting designs (WP)

Cortana for all: Microsoft’s plan to put voice recognition behind anything (ArsTechnia)

Strauss: TV Now ‘Any Device that Can Render Video Securely’ (MC News)

Through Flaws in the Machine, Robots May Develop "Souls": An Interview with John Gray (Vice)


Electronic long-term Memory Cell that Mimics Brain’s Processes: Artificial Neural Network (technietonics)

Corning fires up new super scratch-resistant glass (Cnet)


Happy Birthday, Claude! (EE Times)

The Brain Cells behind a Sense of Direction (SA)

Military push for emergency robots worries skeptics about lethal uses (WP)

VCs bet big on Silicon Valley biotech (MN)

Google has an Android security problem (ZD)


Apple, Google Learn that the Car is More than Just a Smartphone on Wheels  (C3 Report)

Qualcomm outlines next steps to accelerate its Internet of Things strategy (ZD)

How Grace Hopper’s Career Cracked the Code for Women in Science (Intel)

The CEO of IBM just made a bold prediction about the future of artificial intelligence (BI)

EU: Blocking access to file-sharing sites 'ineffective' against piracy (ZD)

The FBI’s most-wanted man for digital piracy thinks he has solved illegal movie streaming (WP)

 Baker: Government Lacks Long-term Spectrum Plan (MC)

Google, Microsoft could be the enterprise go-to digital app platform (ZD)

Rogue Antimatter Found in Thunderclouds (SA)

Quantum Computing Made Simple(r), IBM Research Closer To First 'Practical' Machine (Forbes)

13 Views of IoT World (EE Times)

Apple, A123 Strike Deal in Employee-Poaching Lawsuit (Journal)

The World's Most Valuable Brands (Forbes)

Inventor of Stereophonic Sound Honored at Abbey Road Studios (TheInstitute-IEEE)

Drivers Not Ready to Let Cars Take Over, Says Poll (EE Times)

Meet the Newest State of Matter (Vice.com)

FCC Changing Name of Wireless Division (MC)

Samsung unveils Artik chipset for connected home, devices (ZD)

Ubuntu jumps into Internet of Things with Acer, GE, and Microsoft (ZD)

Russia, China promise not to launch cyber-attacks at each other (ZD)

Tech Groups Talk Up USA Freedom Act (B&C)

Cord-Cutting Alert: Pay-TV Business Declines for First Time During Q1 (Variety)

Hunting for heartbeats: NASA technology rescues 4 quake survivors in Nepal (LA Times)


Microsoft's big Windows 10 goal: one billion or bust (ZD)

IBM helps preserve Germany's 40 petabyte supercomputer climate archive (ZD)


Cutting the Cord: Microsoft to bring local TV channels to your Xbox One (USA Today)


Sensor technology helps keep seniors in their own home (MN)


How The Sims creator Will Wright’s new app enables you to share your stories (VB)

New Type of Stem Cell Could Make It Easier to Grow Human Organs (SA)

802.11ac Wave 2: Enabling high speed Wi-Fi for the next generation of mobile devices  (ZD)

Spotify Seeking Video Deals With Media Companies  (NY Times)

Cable companies are scrambling as more viewers become cord-cutters (LA Times)

Relying on Product Reviews? Knowing How a Company Treats Its Customers Is Just as Valuable (NY Times)


Analog Simulators Could Be Shortcut to Universal Quantum Computers (SA)

Why Phones and Pads Cannot Replace PCs (tech pinions)




IBM's Watson unit forms healthcare partnerships (ZD)

Details of HP Lawsuit Against Autonomy Executives Emerge (NY Times)

Have TED’s 2,000 Presenters Answer Your Deepest, Probing Questions With Help From IBM's Watson (Fastcoexist)

BOXX Cranks Its 8-Core Haswell-E APEXX Workstations Up To Over 4GHz (Forbes)

Nikola Labs' case uses stray radio waves to charge your iPhone (engadget)

NYT: New Apple TV will get a new, bigger remote (engadget)

Steve Blank On Why Most Startups Fail, And It's Got Nothing To Do With Technology (Forbes)

Apple pushing music labels to kill free Spotify streaming ahead of Beats relaunch (TheVerge)


You can build Microsoft's Kinect-powered holodeck at home (engadget)

Why Tesla’s announcement is such a big deal: The coming revolution in energy storage (WP)

Africa’s Mobile-Sun Revolution (recode)

Scientists create out-of-body illusion and ‘teleport’ participants around a room (Geek)

My rocky first 24hrs with the ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ (medium)

New insight into how the brain makes memories (Kurzweilai)


Africa’s Mobile-Sun Revolution (recode)


IBM, Apple, Japan Post tackle aging (USA Today)(Envisioneering Quotes)

Data can help save energy; IBMer tells Marist energy conference (PJ)

 Living Computers Ultimate Goal (EE Times)

NSA is so overwhelmed with data, it's no longer effective, says whistleblower (ZD)





Ultra-High-Speed Internet Coming Soon, But Not Soon Enough for Some 


Samsung's Tizen app aspirations go global as it expands to 182 countries (ZD)

Scientists achieve critical steps to building first practical quantum computer (Phys.org)

Japanese PM seeks tech innovation in Silicon Valley visit (MN)

The OTT View-niverse: A Map of the New Video Ecosystem (Variety)

Google's cynical offer to 'help' European publishers (ZD)

How baseball cards are being used to get kids excited about science (WP)

NAB, Google, Amazon Join in Music Coalition (B&C)


Verizon sets software defined networking course (ZD)

Google Now becomes a more robust platform with 70 new partner apps (ZD)

Digital insights are the new currency of business  (ZD)

Topic Teardown: Connected Cars' Pros & Cons (EE Times)


Why you should root for a robot to take your doctor’s job (WP)

E-mail is incredibly insecure. Here’s why the president should still use it. (WP)

3D Systems stumbles: A sign of 3D printing woes or HP? (ZD)



Automakers rev up innovation in the Bay Area (MN)

Apple Won’t Always Rule. Just Look at IBM. (NY Times)

Audi prepares electric SUV to fight Tesla (europe.Autonews)

Editing Human DNA (MIT TR)

Cheaper Robots, Fewer Workers (NY Times)

The FCC chairman is a former cable lobbyist. And he just helped kill the Comcast merger. (WP)

Turn your iPhone or Android smartphone into a satellite phone (ZD)


Smartwatch Uptick in Mobile Slump (EE Times)

Netflix Main Cause Of TV Ratings Drop (B&C)


Security Flaw Lets Attackers Crash Any iPhone or iPad Within Wi-Fi Range (Gizmodo)

Cablevision actually wants you to cut the cord (WP)

NFC Makes e-Ink Fashionable (EE Times)

8 Views of Security from RSA (EE Times)

A quick survey of virtual reality apps beyond gaming (VB)

House Subcommittee Approves Patent TROL Bill (B&C)

Tesla wants to power your home with a battery (CNN)

Intel, Edico Genome Working to Speed Analysis of Genomic Data (xconomy)

Tesla Motors to Unveil Home and Utility Batteries April 30 (BB)

10% Of All Internet Phone Calls Now Happen Through Facebook (VB)

Remove the Moore's Law Blinders (EE Times) (Envisioneering)


Google Says TV Doesn't Reach YouTube Viewers (B&C)

Wheeler: Networks Must Take Cybersecurity Lead (B&C)

Smartwatches to Outpace Trackers (EE Times)

 Pew Does Its Homework: Broadband Gap Remains (B&C)


http://recode.net/2015/04/21/fireeyes-kevin-mandia-identifying-hackers-is-getting-more-difficult/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social  FireEye’s Kevin Mandia: Identifying Hackers Is Getting More Difficult



Moore’s Law codified the pace of modern life (VB) (Envisioneering Quotes)

Wearable Cameras Next Boom Market for Image Sensors (EE Times)

How tech’s titans are recruiting start-ups in their immigration, patent reform fights (WP)

The elephant's dilemma: What does the future of databases really look like? (ZD)

Hollywood movies vs. the real future of AI (ZD)

The cloud IT arms race is going to the no-name infrastructure providers (ZD)

Honoring technology’s power couple: Moore’s Law and the network effect (WP)

Panasonic's rugged Toughpad 4K tablet gets an Intel Broadwell refresh (Techradar)

Verizon: Nobody Really Wants Unlimited Data Plans And Those Who Do Should Ignore Such Silly 'Gut Feelings' (tech dirt)

Are Social Daydreams Related to Well-Being? (SA)

How This Equation Draws Itself (gizmodo)

Ginni Rometty is now referring to IBM's super smart computer Watson as a 'he' (BI)


Killing Tools Before They are Ready to Die (Techpinions)

The Fascinating Neuroscience of Color – And What It Means For Design (canvas)

New method uses patent data to estimate a technology's future rate of improvement (Phys.org)


New method uses patent data to estimate a technology's future rate of improvement


New method uses patent data to estimate a technology's future rate of improvement

The $5 Billion Race to Build a Better Battery (BB)

Apple releases its ResearchKit to use mobile devices to help medical researchers (VB)

Argonne Getting 180 PF Machine as Supercomputer Race Heats Up (FwdThinking)

Jeremy Rifkin on the Internet of Things and the Next Industrial Revolution (IEEE)

5 Reasons NOT To Buy a 4K UHD TV - Yet (HuffPost)


Argonne Getting 180 PF Machine as Supercomputer Race Heats Up


Argonne Getting 180 PF Machine as Supercomputer Race Heats Up

IBM Announces Deals With Apple, Johnson And Johnson, And Medtronic In Bid To Transform Health Care (Forbes) >> More

Amol Sarva: 'Neurostimulation is the next mind-expanding idea' (Wired) >> More

NSA declares war on general purpose computers (Boingboing) >> More

Planet Labs Rockets To $118 Million In Series C Funding To Cover The Earth In Tiny Satellites (tech crunch) >> More

WebMD, CareEvolution, other firms announce healthcare apps for Apple Watch (apple insider) >> More

IBM teams with Apple on artificial intelligence health program (Yahoo) >> More

IBM Launches New Health Unit, Teams With Apple, J&J, Medtronic (recode) >> More


IBM Launches New Health Unit, Teams With Apple, J&J, Medtronic

NAB: Can Hollywood Avoid an Immersive Sound Format War? (HR) >> More

The era of ‘cheap’ virtual reality begins with this (VB) >> More

Panasonic's Bold IoT Plays In Weather, Smart Cities, And Open Standards (Forbes) >>More

Intel, Cray to collaborate on $200M supercomputer deal (extremetech) >> More

LG Accidentally Reveals Its Leather Clad G4 Weeks Early (Gizmodo) >> More


Intel, Cray to collaborate on $200M supercomputer deal


Intel, Cray to collaborate on $200M supercomputer deal


Intel, Cray to collaborate on $200M supercomputer deal

LG Accidentally Reveals Its Leather Clad G4 Weeks Early

Drone companies borrow from Apple’s advertising playbook (WP) >> More

MakerSquare to open L.A. campus to train software engineers (LA Times) >> More

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The NSA may not be listening to your private phone calls, but it has been watching your private parts (ZD) >> More

Ultra-fast charging aluminum battery offers safe alternative to conventional batteries (Phys.org) >> More

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Another casualty in Yemen: Internet stability (WP) >> More

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Autonomous car drives from San Francisco to New York (MN) >> More

MBPT Spotlight: How Technology Can Recapture Distracted Second-Screeners (B&C) >> More

Amazon to FCC: Many OTTs Don't Want Program-Access Rights (MC) >> More

Sprint talking with Jay Z's Tidal streaming music service (USA Today) >> More

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IBM uncovers new, sophisticated bank transfer cyber scam (Yahoo) >> More


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The state of the Industry Cloud in the energy sector (ZD) >> More

For 7% of Americans, smartphone is only link to Internet (USA Today) >> More

The state of the Industry Cloud in the healthcare sector (ZD) >> More


EU Lays Groundwork for Antitrust Charges Against Google


EU Lays Groundwork for Antitrust Charges Against Google


EU Lays Groundwork for Antitrust Charges Against Google

From a medieval text, a weapon against a modern superbug emerges (LA Times) >> More

Facebook’s “Empathy Lab”: How Facebook designs for disabled users (WP)  >> More 

The Healing Power of Your Own Medical Records >> More

Apple Car Sneak Peek: Exclusive First Look, Details, Patents >> More




If Steve Jobs made Apple cool, Tim Cook is making it human (WP) >> More

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Analytics apps would give Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge more enterprise heft » More

In Silicon Valley, Auto Racing Becomes a Favorite Hobby for Tech Elites » More

Indiana now a no-go zone for Salesforce's force » More


Intel's next big thing- Knights Landing Xeon Phi » Here


Linux Seeks Security, Unity » More


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Oculus chief scientist says we’re all going to care about virtual reality » Here

Why investors like AOL co-founder Steve Case are betting big on food » More

Why Kevin Mitnick, the World’s Most Notorious Hacker, Is Still Breaking Into Computers » Here




40 years of gadgets come out to play (Cnet) >> More

Memories May Not Live in Neurons’ Synapses >> More


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The disposable income of people in every country of the world in one fantastic infographic >> More

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If you want to succeed you must fail first, says the man who dreamt up the Internet of Things (ZD)  >> More

Virtual Reality TV: Live via a Headset Near You (MC)  >> More

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New Form of Ice Forms in Graphene "Sandwich" (SA)  >> More

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Science Fair Winners Chat Up Obama (MN) >> More

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SynBio Stubs for Standards (EE Times) >> More

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Your next operating system: Your datacenter (ZD) >> More



Hackers Ate My Homework
Hackers Ate My Homework
In a post Snowden era, at a time where a multi-national company (such as Sony) seems to have not heeded prior hacker warnings and attacks, will there be any limit to the temptation for individuals, studio execs, Government elders and insurance provider to yell "Hackers did it!" whenever they mess up?
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