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End-to-end encryption by defaultApple, Google Encryption 'Not Helping' Criminal Investigation » More


 AT&T still plans to complete the major initiativeAT&T to FCC: We Aren't Limiting FTTH to 2M Deal Pledge » Here


Who's behind the social media war on Thanksgiving? Black Friday Outweighs Thanksgiving on Social Media, Suggests Salesforce Data » More

The European data regulators are pushing for a wider interpretation of the rulingEurope’s “Right to Be Forgotten” May Affect Search Engines Outside Europe » Here


Multirotor Helicopters With High-Definition CamerasGoPro Developing Line of Consumer Drones » More


Highlights of the HMCC 2.0 specificationHMC Spec Update Signals Healthy Adoption » More


Central characters in stunts from the puckish to the criminalNow, Anyone Can Buy a Drone. Heaven Help Us. » Here


A contentious and long-delayed environmental regulationObama to Introduce Sweeping New Controls on Ozone Emissions » Here


The technology that helped resurrect the life of Stephen HawkingStephen Hawking: How He Speaks & Spells » Here


A substantial gap in gender pay in Silicon ValleyTop Male Engineers at Google Make Nearly 20% More Than Their Female Peers  » More






Upcoming smart bicycle dubbed 'Dubike'Baidu Develops 'Smart Bike' and Its Operating System » Here


A very modern problem: password-protected cellphonesCase Suggests How Government May Get Around Phone Encryption » Here

And now for some good news...Check Out Facebook's Homegrown Datacenters » More


A “bilateral advanced pricing agreement”China Charges Microsoft $140m for Tax ‘Evasion’ » More


Capable of hitting the road aloneFirst Impressions of the Sony SmartWatch 3 » Here


Making handsets where hardware elements can be swapped out and updated as easily as appsGoogle's Project Ara Gets Some New Rivals as Finnish Startups Invent the Next Wave of Modular Devices » Here

The market has moved so quickly it has done a complete flipHybrid Cloud Growth Leaves Enterprises Scrambling for Control » Here


The chips have 32 layers with a combined capacity of 32 GBIntel Promises SSDs of Over 10 TB With New 3D MLC NAND Chips » Here

Group-wide restructuring plan to streamline businessesSamsung to Sell Defence Business, Speed Up Restructuring Drive » Here


The gaming giant was not truthful in marketing its PS VitaThe FTC Says Sony Lied About How Innovative the PS Vita Is » More






The population of Holopedium in Ontario lakes doubled between the 1980s and mid-2000sAfter Acid Rain, Lakes Are Turning to ‘Jelly’ » More


EUV lithography is one of the keys to the future of chipmakingASML: Next-Gen Chipmaking Tool Ready for Production in 2016 » More


The company injects around $1.7 billion in investments into India annuallyCisco Renews Its Commitment to India » Here


Internet usage globally growing at 6.6 percent in 2014Global Online Population Hits 3 Billion- ITU » More


The faulty airbagsHonda Failed to Report Defects’ Full Human Toll » Here


Why the 14nm node was a true shrinkIntel Sees Path to Extend Moore's Law to 7nm » More


A next-generation mouse that can help people with disabilities typeSamsung Takes Eye-Scrolling Technology to Disabled Community » More

A malicious hacker attack threatening to disclose “secrets”Sony Pictures Targeted by Apparent Hack Attack to Corporate Systems » More

How online conversations may be shaping public opinionWhat Twitter Can Tell Us About Ebola » Here


GovMail and GovDeskWhole-of-Government Email Waits on Cloud Panel » More






AppStream cateres for any application, in particular of the 2D and 3D varietyAmazon's AppStream Can Now Stream Any Windows Application » Here

Competition between private health plans to keep prices lowChange in Health Care Law Would Take Aim at Consumer Inertia » More

Santa, the tool that looks for all things naughty and nice on massive fleet of MacsGoogle Releases Enterprise Malware Watchdog for Mac OS » Here


The graphics capabilities integrated into Intel's CPUs were increasingIntel Updates Roadmaps for 2015 » Here


The Smart Listening SystemSoundhawk Smart Listening System: A Hearing Helper » More


An option offered by enterprise Linux companiesSUSE Invests in Software-Defined Storage » Here


Regin infections were observed between 2008 and 2011Symantec: We’ve Discovered a Powerful New Cyber Espionage Program » More

The intersection of biology and technologyThe Next Revolution Will Be Biologized » More


“Ebola Grand Challenge”USAID Seeks Help From ‘Maker Movement’ in Ebola Outbreak » Here


The discovery of the latest hacking softwareWorld’s Most Advanced Hacking Spyware Let Loose » More






Oil and gas geophysical research, financial analysis, manufacturing, research applicationsAdaptive Computing Demonstrates Moab HPC Suite - Enterprise Edition 8.1 » More

BYOD container for productivity appsAndroid Work Takes Shape as Google's BYOD Divide Surfaces on Play » Here

Apple Donating A Portion of Holiday Sales from Retail & Online StoresApple Announces World AIDS Day 2014 Campaign for (RED) » More


BIRT Analytics 5.0Business Intelligence, on Your Smartwatch » More


 General Electric is increasingly looking more like an Internet of things and information technology vendorGE Appoints Former IBM, EMC Execs to Software Leadership Posts » Here

New heart-rate technologyIn the World of Wearables, Tech Companies Are Suddenly Taking Heart (Rate) » More

The first free, publicly available tool that detects spyware in PCsNew Tool Detects Spyware Used by Governments » Here


a cloud-friendly, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approachOpen-Source IaaS: OwnCloud 7 Enterprise Edition Arrives » Here


Plans to build ARM-based server SoCsQualcomm Takes Aim at Servers » Here


A collection of notable security news itemsZero Day Weekly: WhatsApp, Blackphone, Citadel Hits Password Managers » Here







Virtual reality to “mainlining television”‘Banshee’ Yell: Oculus Rift Has a Feature Film Waiting for It » More


Users are reporting serious faults when upgrading to the latest softwareAndroid Lollipop Makes Devices ‘Unusable’ » More


The riddle of what experts call “the z vector”Cellphone Tracking: Find an Address? Easy » Here


Some relief may be on the longer-term horizonChina Plans to Move Factories Abroad to Cut Smog » More


Google's datacentre will house tens of thousands of serversGoogle Signs Ten-Year Wind Deal to Power Dutch Datacentre » Here


Xbox One users can get in on the actionHBO Go Launches on Xbox One » More


IBM's New 'Presence Zones' Help Retailers Transform In-Store ExperienceIBM Gives Retailers A Crystal Ball This Holiday Season » Here


The front end of critical corporate dataNow Only One Month Old, Salesforce.com Gives Wave Analytics Cloud a Big Boost » More

A data warehousing technology that sits atop the Google public cloudOneFold Unveils Its Cloud-Based BigData Warehouse for Mobile and Internet of Things » More

ICT Renewal Action PlanQueensland Govt Releases Six-Month IT Action Plan » Here






The line between banks and telcos just got thinnerAfrica's New Thin SIM Cards » More


The country’s censors have cut a tiny hole in the Great FirewallContradictions Abound as China Pokes a Hole in Great Firewall to Host ‘World Internet Conference’ » Here

Report projects eight-fold traffic increase Ericsson Forecasts 9.5B Smartphone Subs by 2020 » More


IBM's reinvented email and collaboration softwareIBM's Verse: Can Watson Ultimately Be Your Inbox Jockey? » More


A new supercomputer with up to seven times computing power of today's fastest systemsLawrence Livermore Lab Will Get Next-Gen Supercomputer » More


the USPS has found no evidence that the data has been used for “malicious activity”Postal Service ‘Functioning Normally’ After Cyber Breach, Official Says in Testimony for Hearing » More

Plans to end the National Security Agency’s mass collection of Americans’ communications recordsSenate Fails to Advance Legislation on NSA Reform » Here


An alternative for businesses experiencing cost or scaling issues with Oracle or MySQLSplice Machine's SQL on Hadoop Database Goes on General Release » More

WhatsApp’s encryption applies only to text messages sent from one Android phone to anotherWhatsApp Brings Encryption to Masses » Here


GreatCall offers a simplified smartphone and flip phone that are designed to appeal to older usersWhen an Algorithm Helps Keep an Eye on Your Grandparent » Here