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Private cloud solutions for small-to-large companiesCisco Acquires Metacloud, Boosting Intercloud, OpenStack Efforts » More

The tech giant’s quest to create fuller representation of the worldGoogle in Space? Startup Disruption Reaches the Final Frontier » Here


A new health system in the Los Angeles areaHospitals and Insurer Join Forces in California » Here


A tool for business intelligence.IBM to Sell Watson as a Big-Data Tool » More


Better dynamic power and thermal managementIntel Tips 14nm Process Tech, Broadwell Microarchitecture » Here


A form of exploitation that long ago should have been relegated to the pastReport Cites Forced Labor in Malaysia’s Electronics Industry » More


Innovation is alive and well in CupertinoTim Cook Interview: The iPhone 6, the Apple Watch, and Remaking a Company's Culture » Here

Never worry about signal strength in your home againT-Mobile Personal CellSpot Hands-On » More


Further data analyses in an interactive processVivametrica Unveils Open Source Healthcare Analytics Platform for Wearables » Here

Portable virtual reality gogglesYou Can Now Attach Your iPad Directly to Your Face to Experience Virtual Reality » More





The software on the latest iPhones deserves props tooBaig: What I like in iOS 8 » More


The necessary fixes could wind up being effectively freeFixing Climate Change May Add No Costs, Report Says » More


Watson AnalyticsIBM Offers a Data Tool for the Mainstream, With Watson’s Help » Here


Expanding the concept of computing into everythingIntel Shows Skylake, Sets the Stage for 2015 Computers » More


A security flaw in Amazon's websiteKindle Security Vulnerability Can 'Compromise' Amazon Accounts » Here

The start of a revolution in how we wash textilesThe Eco-Friendly Washing Machine That Relies on 1.3 Million Tiny Beads » Here

52 million faces in totalThe FBI’s New Facial Recognition System Is Now Fully Operational » More

The company's lawyers speak outU.S. Government to Yahoo: Comply With PRISM, or We'll Make Sure You Go Bankrupt » Here

An astonishingly irresponsible and very dangerous turnWikiLeaks Posts 'Weaponized Malware' for All to Download » Here


Review and VideoWith New iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, It’s What’s Inside That Counts » Here





Environmental anxiety is spreadingChina's Environmental Awakening » More


A truly differentiated and sustainable foundation for healthcareCognizant Acquires Health IT Software Firm TriZetto in $2.7 Billion Deal » More

Envisioneering QuotesExpect Long Lines for iPhone This Week ( Envisioneering Quotes ) » Here

The competition between the two Internet giantsFacebook Hires Satellite Executive from Google » Here


80% of consumers are aware of digital walletsFor the Few Who Do Use Mobile Payments, They Like NFC » Here


Think through the possibilitiesFour Disruptive Start-Ups in Enterprise Cloud Computing » More


Expand to more partners and countriesGoogle Unveils $105 Android One Phones in India » More


Media storage management.Oracle Acquires Media Storage Company Front Porch Digital » Here


Secure methods of rendering mobile devices bricks if stolenQualcomm: Snapdragon Chips Key to Secure Smartphone Kill Switches » Here

His thoughts on the Apple-IBM partnershipTim Cook: Here's How IBM Is Going To Help Us Sell A Lot More iPhones And iPads » More





Envisioneering QuotesFour Ways That Tim Cook Is Making Apple His Own ( Envisioneering Quotes ) » More

The government expected Internet providers to begin complying with orders under the lawGovernment’s Threat of Daily Fine for Yahoo Shows Aggressive Push for Data » Here

The problems HP is having selling its version of cloud-computing softwareHewlett-Packard Reboots Its Cloud Strategy With Eucalyptus Deal » Here

The potential risk to aquatic life in urban waters has risenPesticide Levels in Waterways Have Dropped, Reducing the Risks to Humans » More

The search for extraterrestrial intelligenceSETI Announces Game Jam to Enlist Developers in the Search for Alien Life » More

Startups AnonymousTech Has a Depression Problem » Here


Managing vendors is often job #1The Future of Tech Jobs: 5 Themes to Watch » More


Are you bold enough to wear it?The Intel Smart Dress » More


The ImageNet Large-Scale Visual Recognition ChallengeThe Revolutionary Technique That Quietly Changed Machine Vision Forever » Here

137 million objects and specimensThe Smithsonian Works to Digitize Millions of Documents » More





A growing list of moves the search giant has made into biotechGoogle Buys Lift Labs in Further Biotech Push » More


Another example of Japan yielding leadership in technologyLong Before Apple Pay, Japan Had ‘Mobile Wallet’ » Here


The new baby in Marvell’s ARMADA family of video platform chipsMarvell's 4K Ultra HD SoC Targets Hybrid Boxes » Here


Mojang is pressing to try to ensure that Microsoft retains its younger developersMinecraft Is Expected to Be Acquired by Microsoft » More


New rules governing high-powered magnetsNew Safety Rules Weighed for Magnets » Here


The flare was classified as an 'X-class' flareSolar Storm Heading for Earth » Here


Using mobile devices to provide keyless entry to hotel rooms isn't a novel conceptThe Apple Watch Will Help You Unlock Hotel Rooms Without a Key. But Is That a Good Idea? » More

In search of the early signs of ovarian cancerTraining Dogs to Sniff Out Cancer » More


An unusual moveVerizon Offers iPhone 6 for Free » More


An investigation on the Chinese phone maker's Hong Kong office to collect evidenceXiaomi Under Investigation for Sending User Info Back to China » More






Envisioneering QuotesApple Under Cook Takes Shape With Watch, Bigger iPhones (Envisioneering Quotes) » Here

New voice biometric authentication systemATO Records 30,000 Voiceprints in Biometric Authentication Rollout » Here

The more developer-friendly division of PayPalBraintree, Popular Payments Processor, to Accept Bitcoin » More


A unique data collecting technologyChina Develops Facial Recognition Payment System With Near-Perfect Accuracy » Here

Google is the platform for more than 90 percent of searches in many countriesEuropean Commission Delays Google Antitrust Settlement After Competitors’ Complaints » More

The latest breach shows that many retailers likely remain vulnerable to hacksHome Depot Breach Reveals How Challenging It Is to Ward Off Data Theft » Here

22nm 3D FinFETs Accelerate & Modernize DatacenterIntel Xeon Boosts Workstation & Servers » Here


New and better techniques in medicine at a higher levelMayo Clinic Works With IBM’s Watson on Clinical Trials » More


Centrify will be the identity and access management providerSamsung, Centrify Step Up Partnership on Knox Enterprise Mobility Management » Here

The Toshiba Center for Big Data in HealthcareToshiba, Johns Hopkins Partner to Fight Cancer With Big Data » More





The gatekeeper of a database of hundreds of thousands of people's DNA23andMe Aims to Be Google for Genetic Research » More


AARP is taking pre-orders for the RealPad now at a price of $189AARP Launches RealPad to Introduce Older Adults to Tablets » Here


The Apple WatchApple Is Back, Better Than Ever » Here


A tech industry tit for tatGoogle and Amazon Facing Off in New Tech Businesses » More


Why today's offerings are executing on OpenStackHP's Bill Hilf Discusses Helion » Here


New Discovery Advisor solutionIBM Watson's Data-Driven Discovery Heralds Age of Augmented Humanity » Here

Innovating WomenIt’s Time to Remove the Invisibility Cloak from Women in Technology » Here

A radical departure from current guidelinesLasker Winner Calls for More Genetic Testing for Cancer » More


Integrating the x86 business acquired from IBMLenovo Updates Three ThinkServer Systems, Aims for Smaller Footprint » Here

The billions of devices that are expected to be connected to each other and to the InternetThe Internet of (Hardly Connected) Things » Here